Prospective Students

Ours is a coalition of the willing

Our school is a Boys’ Boarding school for boys between ages 13 and 18. Our doors are open to all students in need of conducive, balanced and inclusive learning. We are purposed to make great minds even greater and as a community we aim to be the local answer to established institutions the world over.

By tapping into your passion and strengths, we leverage our students to be able and progressive experts who believe in innovation and research to unlock perennial challenges faced in whatever fields they choose. Our role is to connect your hobbies with the relevance of academics in partaking them. Ultimately, we encourage our students to be problem solvers of perceptive skills by teaching them how to learn and discern different scenarios.

Part of success is discipline which is also the key element of consistency. Our institution establishes positive and never-give-up attitude in our students We are also firm believers in practice makes perfect, and facilitate practical’s, excursions and talks to enable our students better understand their academics.

Students with allergies and medical conditions are also guaranteed consideration. The institution keeps tabs on the students’ wellbeing, we take our guardian roles seriously when school is in session. Student duties and activities are scheduled with these in mind to ensure that education at all times is a comfortable undertaking and not a reason for worry.